3 Easy Steps to Elevate Your Inflight Audio Experience

Written by Michelle Greene

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January 2, 2024

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Passport? Yup! Itinerary? Yup! Luggage? Yup! Inflight Entertainment? Maybe. Ready to take your in-flight entertainment to the next level? Perhaps you’re wondering if can you bring your Bluetooth headphones along for the ride?

Yasssss! And I’ve got the tea on using Bluetooth headphones on a plane – it’s time to turn your flight into a personal concert in the clouds. Here’s how to enjoy your inflight entertainment at 30,000 feet and beyond.

Long-haul flights mean hours of entertainment. Ensure your Bluetooth headphones are juiced up and ready to roll. USB ports on planes are cool, but it’s always good to have a full tank just in case they’re broken. Plus having your own power bank is always a good idea.

Escape the Sky Noise
With Bluetooth headphones, you create your own little haven at 30,000 feet. Tune into calming music, podcasts, or dive into a movie – all while escaping the announcements and call bells going off.

No More Wire Tango
Say goodbye to the days of wrestling with tangled wires. Bluetooth headphones are your shortcut to hassle-free tunes. Just turn them on, connect, and voila!

Comfort is Key
Designed for comfort, Bluetooth headphones are your comfy travel buddies. Snuggle into those adjustable ear cups for a cozy long-haul inflight experience.

Battery Life Bliss
Modern Bluetooth headphones are marathon runners. Some last up to 20 hours on a single charge, ensuring your audio keep playing, no matter how long the flight.

Picture this. You’re settling into your seat, and in front of you on the seat-back screen are literally hundreds of movies, TV shows, documentaries, podcasts and music playlists. These are the choices for your in-flight entertainment.

Now, imagine turning that experience into wireless audio excellence. Welcome to the world of elevated inflight entertainment, where your Bluetooth headphones take center stage, transforming your plane’s audio system into a tangle-free audio/visual experience.

While the airlines’ provided headphones may not do justice to your quest for premium audio, you can get high-quality sound from your own Bluetooth headphones or even better, noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. This tiny piece of equipment will become a staple in your travel-tech toolkit.

Gone are the days when you needed to use the wired adapter that came with your wireless headphones, or worst yet, having to purchase the airlines’ headphones or use their complimentary corded headphones.

In this simple travel tech post, you’ll discover three easy steps to seamlessly connect your Bluetooth headphones using a piece of equipment called a Bluetooth transmitter. This magical piece of electronic equipment holds the key to unlock your personal inflight audio bliss. The star of the show is a tiny piece of equipment called a Bluetooth transmitter.

I recommend you choose a dual transmitter with low latency. This way, two Bluetooth headphones can be paired to one audio source, and you and your favorite person can have your very own personal concert.

I especially love this Bluetooth transmitter and it stays in my travel-tech kit. I use it all the time and not only on flights. I was able to walk the aisles, on my flight from Seoul, on a 777 Dreamliner to stretch my legs. I was still able to hear the audio at my seat without interference.

Use it at resorts. It’s perfect for walking on the beach, lounging at the pool and enjoying favorite tunes, like some old school ‘cookout music’. And, with noise canceling headphones, you can tune out the unwanted music from the pool activities or anywhere else. Uh huh.. divine.

What about you, what’s your chillin out tunes for relaxing? Leave it in the comments below.

By using these 3 easy steps, you’ll know what to purchase, how to connect them, and ensuring you can revel in wireless audio while enjoying the choices provided right there on that seat back screen staring at you.

Now that you’re ready to enhance your next inflight audio experience, let the airline’s in-flight entertainment system becomes your wireless companion.

Each aircraft boasts its own unique in-flight entertainment setup. Familiarize yourself with the system on your specific aircraft by heading to the airline’s website and checking out their onboard offering, based on the equipment for your flight. Just as important, see if Bluetooth technology is allowed on board. Not all airlines, especially non-US carriers may permit it.

You can also find the aircraft you’ll be flying on from the details when you purchase your ticket. Boeing and Airbus often present two audio options: the classic 3.5mm headphone jack and the 2 prong jack. Don’t worry if the aircraft for your flight offers the two-prong version; your Bluetooth splitter can still be used.

Most airlines ask you to power down during these crucial phases, which are take-off and landing, and that includes your Bluetooth headphones. Safety first, right? Once you’re above 10,000 feet, and an announcement is made about using your personal electronic devices, it’s your time to shine. Activate airplane mode, and then  switch on Bluetooth mode Now, you’re ready to connect without interfering with the plane’s electronic systems.

And remember, follow the instructions from my flight attendants colleagues. If we ask you to unplug or switch off, just roll with it. We’ve got your safety in mind.

Step 1: Choose a Bluetooth Transmitter

Plan ahead. Before you board your next flight, you’ll need to have a Bluetooth audio splitter. Go for one that is low latency. All that means is there’s very little delay in performance.

So, low latency in watching a movie simply means the video and audio are synced without annoying pauses or delays in the audio. Look for a sleek design with multiple output ports, allowing you to share this audio symphony with a fellow traveler. They’ll remember your kindness 🙂

Step 2: Connect Both Bluetooth Devices to Each Other

As you settle into your seat and store your belongings, get your Bluetooth headphone out along with your Bluetooth splitter. Power on both Bluetooth devices, (the splitter and headphone).

Connect your Bluetooth splitter and Bluetooth headphones together. Now using the corded cable prong or built in prong, depending on the type of Bluetooth splitter you have), simply plug it into the airplane’s audio jack.

Step 3: Connecting to the Plane’s Audio

Activate the Bluetooth function on the transmitter device, follow the instructions on the screen. Now activate the Bluetooth function on your headphone(s), if you’re using a dual Bluetooth transmitter.

Wait until the Bluetooth splitter and Bluetooth headphones are paired. Quick tip: try this at home first, so you can troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Be sure to follow the instructions from the manufacturer’s for specific guidance.

Once the Bluetooth splitter and Bluetooth headphones are paired, simply plug the cable that came with the Bluetooth splitter into the airlines’ audio port. Most of the time, this audio port will be just under the seatback screen on updated aircraft. If not, check the armrest on older aircraft.

Sit back relax and enjoy a cord-free audio experience. You can even connect a companion’s headphones to the extra output port on the Bluetooth splitter if you selected a dual device. Immerse yourself in the inflight entertainment.

By simply having this tiny device, it gives you much more wireless audio freedom as you pass the hours in the clouds. Plus, depending on the investment you made for your Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones, you may want to think twice about just having them laying around while you use the lav or go to the galley to get a 2-ounce paper cup of water. (I see you international carriers).

With the magic of a Bluetooth splitter, your Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones seamlessly unite with the in-flight entertainment system. So Beautiful, here’s to journeys filled with the sweet sounds of joy and the freedom of wireless inflight entertainment.

It’s a travel thing.

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