Pack a Variety of Entertainment Options

You stow away your carry-on, settle into your seat and buckle in.

Your game plan? To wile the hours by watching a bunch of movies and TV shows on the in-flight entertainment center (IFE) in front of you.

You touch the screen and… nothing happens.

You, my friend, have been cursed with an out of order IFE on a long-haul flight that’s completely full.

This rarely happens, but on the off-chance it ends up happening to you, be sure to bring reinforcements:

A book. Magazine. Deck of cards. Sudoku. Ball of yarn and knitting needles. And / or digital games to play, movies to watch and eBooks to read on your smartphone or tablet, alongside a USB power cord to keep your devices charged and alive.

Even if your IFE ends up being in tip-top shape, you may find the viewing options uninspiring or, during Hour X, you may tire of watching motion pictures.

So it’s always wise to have a variety of other things to do to save yourself from sheer boredom when you’re not quite sleepy enough to doze off.

Note: Some budget airlines like WOW air don’t offer IFE at all. So you should definitely bring plenty to entertain yourself with when flying carriers such as these.