Intro - How to Survive a Long Flight

I avoid layovers like the plague. I’m not a fan of racing through one terminal to catch a shuttle to another terminal in order to catch my next flight because my first flight was running late. Taj Bates

Choose Comfort Over Couture

When I see someone wearing a fancy outfit… or a short skirt… or blue jeans whilst boarding a long-haul flight, I shake my head.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

During a long-haul flight, your body is coping with changing time zones, less oxygen to the brain, cruising speeds of 500+ mph (800+ kph), et. al.

Bring a Pillow, Bottle & Plugs

Airline pillows are a joke. They’re thin, tiny and scruffy. If you don’t have a quality travel pillow, you should definitely invest in one. Your neck, cheeks and ears will be ever so grateful! Pillow

Walk the Aisles

If you love your legs and don’t want them to swell up painfully during or after your trip, then be sure to walk the aisles regularly when you’re on a long-haul flight.