Intro - How to Pack Just a Carry-on

by Taj Bates

Not long ago, a friend of mine embarked on his first overseas vacation—to Portugal for a week. I was excited to hear all about his trip upon his return (I’m a sucker for travel stories and photos!).

Podcast: How to Pack Carry-on Light for Any Trip

Yet, when we caught up over the phone, instead of excitement and wonderment, his voice was laced with disappointment and ennui.

Why? Because, upon arriving in Portugal, he soon discovered the airline had lost his checked luggage—a screw-up that turned his rose-colored glasses a dark and moody grey for the rest of his vacay.

This is just one of the reasons why you should always pack carry-on light—whether you’re travelling for a week or two or longer.

In doing so, you will save yourself the grief that comes with checked baggage fees… lost luggage… and having to lug a heavy suitcase on trains, buses, sidewalks, stairs, etc.

Here are 6 tips n’ tricks on how you can pack everything you need in a carry-on suitcase or bag… with room to spare!