Think Laundry Before You Book Lodging

In most cases and to most destinations, you can pack enough clean clothes in your carry-on to last about a week.

Once you pass the one week mark, however, you’re going to want to do laundry. Which is why you should have a pretty good idea how you will wash and dry your clothes by week’s end.

Will you hand wash and air dry along the way? (Keeping in mind that, in some climates, air drying can take for-e-ver.)

Or will you use a hotel laundry service? A nearby laundromat? The washer and dryer available in a hotel suite or vacation rental?

Once you know your laundry plan-of-action, you can book your lodging accordingly.

That way, you won’t feel compelled to pack more than a few days’ worth of clothes.

Photo: Nick Kenrick