Intro - How to Pack Just a Carry-on

Not long ago, a friend of mine embarked on his first overseas vacation—to Portugal for a week. I was excited to hear all about his trip upon his return (I’m a sucker for travel stories and photos!). Yet, when we caught up over the phone, instead of excitement and wonderment, his voice was laced with disappointment and ennui. by Taj Bates

Don’t Pack the Bulk, Wear It

A tao of the wise traveller is you should keep bulky items to a bare minimum—instead of bringing two sweatshirts or two pairs of jeans or two pairs of tennis shoes, just bring one.

Stick to a Color Palette

A savvy traveller rule-of-thumb that’s key to packing carry-on light is to only bring tops that coordinate with multiple bottoms; and vice-versa.

Save Room for Souvenirs

If you like to buy souvenirs, be sure to pack a canvas tote bag that has a zipper. The bag can lay flat in your suitcase during the departure flight.