Stay the Night

Not long ago, multi-city vacations might have required several, expensive one-way flights.

Today, more carriers are offering free or discounted ‘stayovers’ as part of the standard booking process. These extended layovers give you anywhere from a day to a week to explore your transfer city.

Like, perhaps, partake in an ice sauna during a stayover in Finland, which is home to 3 million saunas (in fact, saunas outnumber cars here in the land of nearly 200,000 lakes).

Stayovers require an extra step when booking, so check with airlines for offers and booking information.

Some carriers currently promoting stayovers include TAP PortugalIcelandair, Air Canada and Turkish Air. TAP even has a nifty stopover app on iOS and Android you can use to plan 24, 48 or 72 unforgettable hours in Portugal.