Intro - How to Love Your Layover

It was 9 o’clock in the morning. I had a glass of red wine in hand and was bored out of my mind as I stared up at Anderson Cooper, that handsome devil, on a television screen nearby. Days before, I had booked an overpriced ticket from Boston to Detroit, with an 8-hour layover in Atlanta – you know you’ve done poorly when your flight path is shaped like a V. by Alyssa Faria

Go Sightseeing

Get better acquainted with your layover locale during a free, city-sponsored tour.

Rest & Recharge

Cramped seats, stale air, cockpit announcements and screaming children can make sleep the impossible dream on a flight.

Get Some Culture

If you’re in the mood for some art and culture during your layover, take advantage of on-site museums located in international airports in San Francisco, Phoenix, Albany and Las Vegas, just to name a few.

Work Out & Meditate

Travelling doesn’t always mean time off from your workout, and layovers are a great way to earn extra health points between terminals.

Stay the Night

Not long ago, multi-city vacations might have required several, expensive one-way flights.