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Travelling with Kids? Don't Leave Home Without an I-C-E

HeHe Stewart

In parenthood, as in life, it is always wise to hope for the best, yet be prepared for the worst.

When traveling with babes, toddlers and kids, prep and bring along a poly envelope stuffed with I-C-E (in case of emergency) documents and contacts, including:

  • Copy of your child's birth certificate

  • Full name and contact info of your child's pediatrician

  • Full name and contact info of your primary care physician, OBGYN and/or midwife

  • Copy of your health insurance card

  • Full name and contact info of your emergency contacts (e.g., your parents, in-laws, best friend)

  • Copies of your and your partner/spouse's driver's licenses

  • If journeying abroad, copies of everyone's passports, alongside these other essentials

You should also add each of your emergency and medical contacts to the Contacts list in your cell phones.

Be sure to put "ICE - " in front of their names, as this makes it quicker and easier for emergency responders to discern and call your emergency contacts.  

Meet the Author

HeHe Stewart is a certified family life educator and founder of Tranquility by HeHe, a maternity concierge, doula and birthing service in the Boston area. She also hosts a new podcast on iTunes, et al.

HeHe got the travel bug early in life during regular family vacations and road trips up, down and around the USA. Flying is one of her favorite activities — so much so that she enjoys going to Logan International Airport, just to watch planes taking off!

She and her partner love to travel internationally whenever possible, from beachy paradises like the Bahamas and Phuket, Thailand; to weekend-getaway hamlets in New England.

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