4 International Movies to Netflix n' Romance With

Taj Bates

"It's the oldest and most common feeling in the world. But it feels new every time." ~ Love Per Square Foot

Ah, amour, a word that is globally known and makes the world go round. 

If you're in the mood for love , cuddle up with one of these wanderlust-inducing rom-coms streaming now on Netflix, each hailing from a different country.  

Blind Date (Paris)

She's a pianist who loves music. He's an ingenious puzzle maker who demands total peace and quiet. 

When they become next-door neighbors, a battle of wills ensues between the paper thin wall they share, till a mutual white flag gives way to a relationship that is most unique. 

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Naked (Charleston)

Marlon Wayans stars in this Groundhog Day-esque flick that's more comedy than rom-com, delivering a nice dose of laughs along the way as Wayans's character tries to get to the altar on time.

Most importantly, it answers the age old question: How many times can Marlon Wayans race out of an elevator naked? (I suggest doing a round of shots every time he does!)

Love Per Square Foot (Mumbai)

She's a bank loan officer; he's a software engineer working at the same company.

They both come from humble families and long for a condo of their own in Mumbai, which is home to over 20 million people, and decide to get married so they can qualify for a condo subsidized by the government. 

The filmmakers behind this modern take on love in India do an incredible job transforming a rickshaw into a most romantic place to fall in love! 

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This is Not What I Expected (Shanghai)

If you're a gourmand, you'll definitely fall in love with the food in this film alone. The cinematography is top notch; rarely has food looked so lusty on screen. 

The actors themselves are delightful in their opposites attract roles — the man, rich and debonair yet socially inept; the woman, plucky, quirky and working class — that one can almost ignore the significant difference in age...