And the Oscar for Best U.S. Airline Goes To...

IQ Editors

For film we have the Oscars. For music, the Grammys. Sports, the Espys. 

Yet there are a host of other industries that have a profound affect on our lives, experiences and time spent with the ones we love.  They may not have the televised star power of Brad Pitt, Beyoncé or LeBron James, but they are superstars in their own right. 

So for the first time in human history, we'd like to award virtual Oscars to the U.S. airlines that are providing great customer experiences in a variety of ways. Drum roll, please...

Best Flexibility

If your schedule and lifestyle errs on the side of Holly Golightly, and you need the flexiblity to change or cancel your flights without penalty, Southwest is the way to go. 

When you book with Southwest, your ticket can be fully refunded (restrictions may apply) or applied to a future trip within 1 year from date of issue.


Best Arrival

Few things can sour the mood of your trip like a flight that leaves or arrives hours late. For an airline of its size, Delta has an impressively high on-time arrival rate and low flight cancellation rate. View the runners-up


Best Budget Amenities

The days of complimentary, cabin amenities for budget travellers seem to be long dead and gone. But there is one budget airline that is still dedicated to making your flight as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. 

With JetBlue, not only will you have access to high speed wifi for free — yes, free! — but you’ll also get in-flight movies, snacks and beverages for free, too. 

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Best Baggage

Southwest snagged its second Oscar of the night for having, hands down, the best baggage policy in the land. You can check-in two 50 pound (23 kg) bags for free AND bring 2 carry-ons aboard for free. 

So if you have yet to master how to pack carry-on light, Southwest is definitely a great domestic airline for you.


Best Eco

Finally, coming as no surprise to those in the know, Alaska Airlines, the nation's most fuel efficient carrier for 7 years running, took home the fan-favorite, Best Eco Oscar.

We and Mother Nature thank ye for your dedication to minimizing your carbon footprint as much as possible.  View the runners-up