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10 Holiday Gifts Perfect for Travellers

Taj Bates

Whether you're shopping for yourself or elfing a gift for someone else, here are 10 gifts that will bring wander-lusty grins to the travellers in your life!

Sony Alpha a6000

Perfect for photo bugs in want of a camera that's small and lightweight, allows for interchangeable lenses, and yields high quality pictures ripe for framing. This mirrorless camera boasts a sports mode that takes fantastic action shots—great for capturing the action during a Real Madrid game or a Serengeti safari. 

Sanuk Yoga Mat Sandals

Yoga mats for your feet? Yes, please! These sandals are uber comfy and made to last. They come in a variety of colors, for both women and men, so you can easily coordinate with your travel wardrobe color palette. If you're a señorita who likes a lil' height with her strut, check out their yoga mat wedges, which you can dress up or down. 

Frida's Fiestas Cookbook

Did you know Frida Kahlo loved to cook? Now you can taste the Mexican foods that inspired and nourished her creative soul. This cookbook is a rich collection of 100 of Kahlo's family recipes, assembled with love by her stepdaughter.

Snapchat Spectacles

What to do when you have a crappy memory, and you journey to a tourist site where photos aren't allowed? Or when you're about to do something awesome, want to capture it on video, but don't want to be ladened with a GoPro? Just snap on these video sunglasses that will have you feeling like Marty McFly and a private eye at the same time. You can record 10 to 60 seconds of video at a time; and it syncs with your smartphone.

Literary Threads

Headed to jolly old England? Why not wear a Pride & Prejudice sweatshirt paired with a Harry Potter tote bag? Weekending in New York City? How about a Great Gatsby t-shirt? With a garb or two from Out of Print Clothing, you can showcase your love for books and travel at the same time. 


The perfect travel pillow can take you far. This one is like a cuddly Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. It's stuffed with friendly microbeads and can morph from a C-shaped neck pillow to a square-shaped one in seconds.

Igloo Electric Cooler 

If road trips are more your speed, this is a total must-have. Gone are the days when you had to fill up a cooler with ice in the morning then pour out the watery remnants come nightfall. Now you can keep your items nice and cool via the magic of electricity. This cooler can plug into your car's cigarette lighter and your hotel room's power outlets. 

Merrell Jungle Mocs

These shoes are light, sturdy and durable. Paired with wool socks and custom soles with good arch support, you can walk in these babies all day long. The sole is not heavily grooved, so not recommended for backcountry hiking or slippery conditions. But for city walks and dry, well-maintained nature trails, these shoes are rockstars. Available in men and women's sizes; and a modest assortment of colors. 

Tile Tracker

Want to know where your lost luggage... laptop... keys...or wallet is when you're journeying far from home? Hide or attach a Tile to each and, when need be, you can geolocate your items via Tile's nifty mobile app.

YOLO Journeys Gift Certificate

Give the gift of travel, adventure and discovery to a friend or loved one! You can purchase a gift certificate for $500 or more to go towards a YOLO Journey, via which one of our Destination Experts will plan, curate and book an awesome vacation, anywhere in the world, on your giftee's behalf. Get started by ordering a gift certificate today.