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Tired of Being an Armchair Traveller?

Taj Bates

I have met many an armchair traveler through the years, and the #1 reason they remain wistfully seated in their armchairs is because they have not made travel a priority.

The most important step in turning your dream trip into a reality is setting a hard and fast deadline.

This deadline should be in the next 6 to 18 months.

And it should be non-negotiable.

So, for instance, if you want to visit Paris, you should say to yourself, out loud and with unflinching resolve:

“Hell or high water, I’m going to Paris by end of this year!”

Or, if you don’t yet know where you want to go, you could say:

“Hell or high water, I’m going overseas before my birthday next year!”

Then you can start planning and budgeting accordingly.

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