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Want to Arrive on Time? Stick to These 4 U.S. Airlines

Taj Bates

Most people tend to book plane tickets based on at least one of the following: price, departure and arrival time; layover duration and location, airline loyalty programs, etc.

Yet, there’s an additional criterion you should add to your mental checklist:

Which U.S.-based airline will get me to my destination on-time, with little to no hassle?

This can be especially useful when you’re booking a flight for the hectic winter holiday season; or when you’re in want of a stress-free vacation from beginning to end.

We dug into U.S. Department of Transportation data from the past 3 years and discovered there are 4 airlines that consistently have a super high on-time arrival rate and a super low flight cancellation rate, no matter the season.

4. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian coordinates 6,650 flights a month (avg.) to and fro U.S.-based airports.

It had an industry-leading, on-time arrival rate of 91% in 2016!

And a low cancellation rate of 0.2% (avg.).

3. Alaska Airlines

Alaska steers 15,200 flights a month (avg.) in and out of U.S.-based airports. 87.3% of these flights arrived on time in 2016.

Alaska doesn’t fare so well in the cancellation department, however; cancelling 1% of its flights, on average.

2. United Airlines

United is the country’s third largest airline and it pilots 49,000 flights (avg.) to and fro U.S.-based airports monthly.

In 2016, 81.7% of United’s flights landed on-time. And it has an average flight cancellation rate of 0.85%.

1. Delta Airlines

Delta is the second largest airline in the U.S., after American Airlines. On average, it orchestrates 76,000 flights in and out of U.S.-based airports every month.

In 2016, an impressive 86.5% of these flights arrived on-time, which is the highest rate amongst airlines of its size.

Delta also boasts an admirably low flight cancellation rate of just 0.15% (avg.).