Catch Up on Your Immunizations

Before you book your trip, check the Centers for Disease Control website, to see what immunizations and preventative medications (like malaria pills) you should get before going to a particular country. 

If you live in a metropolitan area, check to see if there are any travel clinics nearby (this is not an exhaustive list). 

If so, schedule a travel consultation. Travel clinics have certified health professionals who have a greater level of expertise when it comes to travel health. They also have pretty much any immunization shot you need.

Alternatively, you can call your doctor to see what shots he or she can provide. Or, if you live near a pharmacy with its own clinic, they may be able to provide certain immunizations as well.

Be sure to get all of your immunizations at least one or two months before your trip. That way, if there are any complications or if you end up getting sick (after a flu shot, for instance), you’ll have time to recover before you fly out.