Where to Stay

Location, Location, Location

It's your wedding, so you should totally stay where you wanna. Whether that be a 5-star resort, a medieval castle or a mystical ashram.

But don't expect that your guests will want to pony up (or down) for your luxurious, adventurous or monastic  accommodations.

When honing in on where to stay during your wedding, be sure to take your guests' range of budgets and travel styles into account.

All for One, One for All

You could, perhaps, rent a large villa. Or a glamp camp with cabins and luxury tents. Or a scenic estate with a main house and guest cottages.

Though the overall price may seem high, once everyone chips in, it could end up being less expensive than staying in a fancy hotel. Your guests won't have to worry about finding and booking hotel reservations; they can just send their share to you directly via check or PayPal ahead of time.

Plus, all of your guests will be together in one place, which will make your time together more special and memorable.

Separate, but Happy

Alternatively, if you elect to stay at a dreamy hotel, be sure to choose one that's conveniently close to other accommodation options ranging in price and amenities.

You can usually ask your hotel for a list of other hotels nearby where you can set up a Wedding Rate for your guests.


‘Save The Date’ Way in Advance

Your soon-to-be-invited guests lead busy lives with monthly bills, bills, bills; limited vacation days; and equally limited travel funds.

It's courteous and imperative that you give them enough time to save and plan for your wedding—especially if it's to a locale that's expensive and far away.

I highly suggest sending out a Save-the-Date at least six months in advance—both as a snail mail invite; and as an email invite via a site like Evite or Paperless Post.

This will give your guests enough time to save up for the trip; and to schedule their vacation days accordingly. Plus, if they're budget-conscious, this will give them enough leeway to hunt for great airfare and hotel deals, to save on costs.

Ultimately, the more time you give friends and fam to save and plan for your wedding, the more Yes's you'll get in response to your Save-the-Date.


Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Well-informed guests are happy guests. 

The more depth-of-information you share with your wedding party and guests far in advance, the less stressful things will be for all involved...

And the less you'll have to field questions on the days and hours leading up to your Big Day.

The best way to keep your guests in the loop is to set up a website on The Knot, With Joy, Appy Couple or the like. On your website, detail:

  • All of the wedding-related locations (wedding ceremony, reception, accommodation options, etc.)
  • The weather forecast
  • What to wear & pack
  • Babysitting services info
  • A detailed map of where everything is located

Also, print copies of your wedding's daily itinerary. Send a copy to all of your older guests who aren't digitally savvy and prefer to read text on good ol' fashioned paper.  

Also bring or ship copies to your accommodations, enough for each set of guests who are staying in the same room. This is especially important if you're journeying to a remote locale where wifi isn't readily available.