When to Go

Weather Or Not...

No matter the destination, weather should always be a deciding factor when choosing a date for your Big Day.

It may be your dream to say, "I, Do" on New Year's Eve, on the tropical sands of an Indonesian beach. But the reality could end up being a nightmare, because that's when monsoon season is in full swing.

Or, you may be dreaming of an outdoor wedding in Las Vegas on the anniversary of your first date. But if that date is in July, when temperatures can soar over 100° Fahrenheit (40° C), Sin City could end up feeling a lot like Hell for you and your guests.

So, once you have a dream destination in mind, be sure to research—via sites like Holiday Weather, Weather Spark and Weather and Climate—the perfect time to visit... when hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons and other natural disasters are out of season...

And when the weather will be lovely and agreeable....


Too Eventful?

Big events can often suck up all of the desirable hotel rooms and lodging options in a vicinity. Making it harder and more expensive for your guests to find a place to stay... or a flight, even.

So check to make sure a major sporting or music event, convention, conference or the like won't be taking place during your dates.


Photo: Porsche Chen