Fun for Everyone

A destination wedding is more than just a wedding. It's also an adventurous getaway for your guests! A chance for them to let loose, have fun, R&R and dive into adventure... if they so desire.

As you plan your wedding, also take the time to pre-plan a variety of things for your guests to do. Depending on where you're staying, you may be able to work with your hotel's concierge to create a list of activities and excursions nearby.

A few of them can be group activities for all to partake in, which is a great way for everyone to bond, catch up and get to know each other.

Others can be activities and day tours people can do on their own, as a couple or in small groups.

Once you've created a 'menu' of fun things to do, add it to your wedding website—with pricing and payment options for each, so your guests can plan, budget and daydream accordingly!

For activities that require pre-payment, you can direct your guests to RSVP by booking with the vendor directly; booking via your hotel's concierge desk; or sending funds to you directly via PayPal or the like.