How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be the most magical of experiences for you, your betrothed, and your beloved family and friends. As a wedding and event planner, I've orchestrated many a destination wedding for my clients, to dreamy and romantic places. by Alexandra Hill Speciale

Where to Go

A destination wedding is especially memorable and sentimental if the location holds some importance to you and your fiancé. Consider holding your nuptials at a destination related to, or reminiscent of, the Meet-Cute place where your love story first took flight. Magic & Meaning

When to Go

No matter the destination, weather is always a key factor when it comes to planning your Big Day. It may be your dream to say, "I, Do" on New Year's Eve, on the tropical sands of an Indonesian beach. But the reality could end up being a nightmare, because that's when monsoon season is in full swing. Weather Or Not...

Where to Stay

It's your wedding, so you should totally stay where you wanna. Whether that be a 5-star resort, a medieval castle or a mystical ashram. But don't expect that your guests will want to pony up (or down) for your luxurious, adventurous or monastic accommodations. Location, Location, Location

Wedding Day Prep

Preferably someone other than your venue representative. This is a really important tip. Generally, most venues have an ‘in-house’ coordinator who will be able to assist you with local information about the destination as well as finalizing details for your particular venue, be it ceremony, reception or both. Hire a Pro

Fun for Everyone

When bringing friends and family to a destination, it’s a lovely idea to plan a few group activities that your guests can choose to join. Ideally, it’s best not to have a packed itinerary with plans throughout the day for multiple days in a row – but if you intend to spend 5 days in your location, you should arrange a few excursions, as well as some nighttime fun. A destination wedding is more than just a wedding. It's also an adventurous getaway for your guests! A chance for them to let loose, have fun, R&R and dive into adventure... if they so desire.