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I’m Michelle and I help you go from day-dream to jetsetter with insider tips and tactics to help you elevate your travel experiences, so you can live your travel dreams.





As a travel industry insider, I love sharing ideas to help you travel with grace and ease.

It’s your time to fly (pun intended). Start with an idea and then research the destinations. It’s time to stop being a caterpillar. Your amazing travel experiences are ready and waiting for you to explore and enjoy. The world is your oyster.

Travel! Smarter.

Worried about finding a travel companion? Consider going solo. Once you take a solo trip, you’ll wonder why you didn’t travel solo sooner.

why I do this

My intention is simple – helping you make your travel dreams a REALITY! Whether it’s spending time in Istanbul, the only city spanning two continents, exploring Machu Picchu, or admiring the engineering feats of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge – I got you. My exclusive Jetset Gems Playbook gives real-world travel resources and strategies to transform your travel aspirations into unforgettable memorieshacks to help you elevate your travel experiences. 

Can traveling buy you  happiness? It depends.

Travel has been proven countless times to produce a ROI (return on investment) on your travel investment.

Explore the personal benefits to last a lifetime.

It offers the opportunities to pause and reflect, push the boundaries or simply a reward for working hard.

Turn your dreams into reality

Gone are the days when jetsetting was a privilege exclusive to the wealthy. In today’s digital age, knowledge is the new wealth, and with it, you can transform your travel aspirations into unforgettable memories. Not sure where to start? Get my exclusive Jetset Gems Playbook. It’s jam-packed with my exclusive insights, travel tips, resources and practical strategies to upgrade your travel possibilities. Get excited and turn your travel dreams into reality. Register now for VIP access to the Jetsetter Gems Playbook and turn wanderlust into reality.

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